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Version 0.9 2017-05-03

  • Increased memory for the webapp to 1GB to load Nancay observations

Version 0.8 2016-09-15

  • Changes for EPNTAP v2 in RemoteObservationsController: no more preview_url, using thumbnail_url instead
  • Change of table services to include the ADQL query, because it is service-dependant since EPNTAP v2
  • Change of entity for service Nancay in table services: nda_routine.epn_core replaces dam.epn_core
  • Added new service radiojove from voparis-tap-planeto which works ok now after time_min|max converted to ::double precision
  • Handle HTTP error when querying TAP server in RemoteObservationsController

Version 0.7 2016-03-24

  • Fixed typo in uservalidated email (protocol)
  • Observations Planning and Remote Observations: timeline before table
  • Remote Observations: display thumbnail and access URLs, + popup images with highslide
  • Remote Observations: new col port in services
  • Modal dialogs "Loading data" and "Formatting data" in Observations and RemoteObservations indexes (works with Chrome and Firefox, not Safari?)

Version 0.6 2016-03-02

  • Set stack to false in timeline options to allow observations to overlap
  • New controller RemoteObservations, demonstrator to query several selectable remote Dachs TAP server containing observations
  • Correction of the '29th Feb' Julian Day conversion bug in astrotools

Version 0.5 2016-01-27

  • Changed dataTable options to remove white gap below Observations table
  • Added public timeline to be integrated into SPIP
  • Added public JSON access to observations and instruments for public timeline

Version 0.4 2016-01-15

  • Added Piwik (analytics) code to all pages for prod server
  • Users can see all instruments and view details of other user's instruments
  • In Observations Timeline, group observations by instrument hostname vs fullname
  • Users can see all observations and view details of other user's observations
  • Observations are associed to users (new col user_id in table observations)
  • New page Observations/view to display observation content to non-owners of this observations
  • Action links in Observations/index now show Edit+Delete or View depending on user
  • Welcome page is available in a different form for non-logged users

Version 0.3 2015-12-21

  • Only one col time_sampling_step instead of _min and _max in Observations table
  • Only one col spectral_sampling instead of _min and _max in Observations table
  • Only 7 cols in import/export CSV files to reflect above change
  • Check observations dependencies before deleting an instrument
  • Corrected typo June instead of June (2 locations)
  • Check that there is at least one instrument before adding/exporting/importing observations

Version 0.2 2015-12-11

  • Use Instrument hostname/name in new/edit Observation and Observations table
  • Use MHz,ms,kHz units in Observations table
  • Exportation of observations pertaining to an instrument into a CSV file
  • Importation of observations pertaining to an instrument from a CSV file, with optional overwrite of the existing observations
  • Added tooltip when hovering on the text in a timeline event
  • Added groups for instruments in the timeline of Observations

Version 0.1 2015-09-22

  • Initial version